World War I Mystic Connections

April 6, 2017 marks the centennial of America’s entry into World War I.


The Mystic River History Society plans to commemorate this anniversary with a program in 2017 called WWI Mystic Connections. We invite your participation!

In addition to talks and articles about the impact and significance of the war to Mystic we are going to find out as much as we can about the men and women from Mystic who served in the armed forces during that time. To do this we are looking for anyone with a connection to these people. Do you have a relative, a story, letters, diaries, artifacts, etc. you can share with us?

The attached list of names (Click here) is a compilation from local sources. What we ask you to do is to search through the list to see if you are related to anyone or know something about them. If so, please contact us by an email to or by calling us at 860-536-4779.

Sources of the names are:

      • Mystic Honor Roll 1917-1918 (location unknown).
      • Mystic Boys in Service (newspaper list) “Corrected to January 11, 1918”.
      • Lower Mystic Cemetery inventory of graves (Route 1 west of Mystic).
      • Elm Grove Cemetery inventory of graves with dates of birth and death (Route 27). Information provided by Joanna Case and Judy Hicks
      • Monument In Commemoration of Loyal Service (at intersection of Route 1 and Library Street).
      • CT State Library  Information sourced by Kit Hartford and Rod Cook.
      • Stonington Town Hall memorial (Elm Street Stonington). “This memorial made possible by the untiring efforts of the J.F. Trumbull, Womans Relief Corps No.34 – Dedicated Nov.11, 1930 by James W. Harvey Post No.58 The American Legion”. The Relief Corps chapter was disbanded in 1932 Post No. 58 met in the old Stonington Fire House on Church Street.

There are only a few names on this memorial that appear on any of the other lists. We do not know who these people are but any information leading to the source of the names  would be greatly appreciated.